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Here you can find some FAQ’s about our company Padypady, Our goal is to provide our customers with realistic digital solutions to empower their business operations in an innovative manner.
  • What is Padypady?
    Padypady is the initial of a technology company operating in Nigeria from its head office in Port Harcourt. Registered as Padypady Interactive Coy, Int'l with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC: 2461215 to provide digital, printing and design services to private and government institutions.
  • What does Padypady Interactive Coy. Int'l Do?
    Padypady as a company with limited services offerings that enables the team to expand potentially in their skills and to focus just on customer satisfaction and the company growth. Padypady services are mainly website design, software development, printing and design services.
  • Where is Padypady Office?
    Block 11, 3D Plaza
    SARS Road, Rumuagholu
    Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  • Who Can I contact if i need more information
  • How many website does Padypady have?
    Padypady has two (2) business websites which are as follow for products and social netwroking of its customers for services offerings to website, software, printing and design customers.

  • Which companies does Padypady partners with?
    We partner with companies and organizations that provides us with leading resources, tools and products that enables us to serve our customers effectively such as:
    Amazon Web Services
  • What are Padypady service industries
    We have services offerings for almost all the industries of the economy, as no industry can operate without embracing technology and customers, we provide services to customer in virtually all industries of the economy.

Our Services FAQ

  • What to expect with Padypady website design services?
    Padypady website design services covers, the design of the website, domain name registration, hosting & email services, website security (SSL Certificate), including email signature development.
  • What to expect with Padypady software development service?
    Padypady software development services covers front end design, back end design, database integration, security and firewall integration, user training and maintenance, including application documentation.
  • What to expect with Padypady Printing Service?
    Padypady printing services covers the printing of diverse materials, including paper, rubber, glass, wood, clothing materials, metals and 3D printings.
  • What to expect with Padypady design services?
    Padypady design services covers, graphics design, architectural design, prototyping and mechanical designs.